Saturday, November 19, 2011

24 Pack Crayola Colors Word Roll

While blog "surfing" I came across a game on several sites called Crayola Colors Word Roll.  This game is so simple in premise but sneaks in letter recognition, reading, graphing, colors and a tiny amount of number recognition [1-6] and depending on how hard you want to make the game maybe even some foreign language...

"Rules" & Needs for the Game

#1 - 24 Pack of Crayons in Very-Good Condition
#2 - 2 Game Dice, one left plain the other with the letters A-F [taped/glued on, I just wrote it on with magic marker because I had stolen the dice cubes from my monopoly game]
#3 - The "Game Board" ...With Microsoft® Excel I created the grid using all the names of the colors and a few extra whites [but you can use any colors for the extra's]
#4 - Once you have all these items the game begins...Role the dice, find the box on the grid, read the color word, look through your crayons to find the corresponding color, and color that rectangle in.  Repeat until the entire grid is colored :)

[To make the game a bit more difficult, for those children that know their colors very well, Crayons now come printed with the Spanish and French translations of the colors, just use those names as opposed to English]

I set to work immediately to make this game.  "E" [my 6 year old] caught on instantly and had a blast.  He is in Reading Lab and seeing him reading and sounding out the names of the colors without any hesitation was fabulous.  He was so proud of himself when he figured a word out correctly without any help from MOM.  I definitely recommend this game for anyone with a child that is apprehensive about reading [they don't even realize the are LOL].  

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