Thursday, November 17, 2011

Old Boxed Cornbread & Black Raspberry Jam

So that's the kind of day I have been having.  Been a very slow start to a ridiculously dreary day [mainly because of the weather] so I ended up taking a short cut [which I usually hate doing] and made boxed organic cornbread for brunch today, mind you I have had this box for probably over a year.  Plus I completely forgot I had a weight watchers meeting to go to today which is BAD ME!!!The sweetness of the day however [signified by the super tasty Stonewall Kitchen Seedless Black Raspberry Jam] came in the form of my first ever blog post comment YAY!!!...

That is so exciting I never knew that being heard could feel so good.  Whether its 1 person or 100 to know that someone took the time out to read my blog let alone comment on it.  Its so amazing.

"E" & "A" had kind of tough mornings.  My daughter has decided, being five and therefore knowing everything there is to know, that she does not have to listen to me anymore unless SHE wants to.  How nice.  UGH...I am in so much trouble when she becomes a teen.  Attitude and a half on that one, super sassy.  But she is the only one of my kids who will willing go put away her clean clothing or clean her room when its SUPER MESSY go figure?!?..."E" was just out of sorts, he wanted to do what HE wanted to do which basically means anything I said to him this morning other then enjoy playing with your hexbugs was met with a brick wall.  When he shuts down there is just no getting through to him.  My eldest on the other hand was rather good...I LOVE CHILDREN'S THERAPY...2 sessions and I swear I am seeing a change in him...Very little back talk from him and an agreeable attitude, YIPPEE!!!

So to recap I started the day like a slug & took shortcuts and missed a meeting but I am looking towards the rest of the day with open eyes and confidence that it is going to work out alright...

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