Sunday, November 20, 2011

Channeling My Creative Side...

This is an article that I wrote on another web site 4 years ago in regards to a desperate attempt to figure out a party locale for my eldest son's 6yr old birthday party.  Oh don't get me wrong I found a ton of places they were just all so EXPENSIVE.  I was let down and going to give up and because we did not have the money to throw a party at a place for 400 bucks for only 2 hrs with a limit of 10 friends more costing extra.  Then I thought back to my childhood and remembered hey I never had a party at anywhere but my home.  A pool party every year since Elementary School.  A whole bunch of five/six year olds and a pool with a deep-end did not sound like a good idea though.  But that got me thinking.  Why couldn't I throw a party for him.  What was stopping me from getting together his friends and making a great birthday party.  But then came the hard part.  Ok I was going to have the party but what was I going to do as a theme etc.  I started looking on the internet and found not all that much help.  A lot of kits you could buy to throw a cowboy party, or a Disney themed party or pirates...Lots of things like that.  For some reason I wanted something different and thats when it came to me...I was going to make an around the world themed party.  And as opposed to candy etc as a goody bag I was going to give a fun facts booklet with some Playdoh to create the Chinese symbol of friendship, and a packet of crayons for the word search part and crossword puzzle.  The party was a great success.  The kids had a blast, the parents just sat underneath the tents we had set up and chatted and everyone was happy.  I highly recommend channeling your creative side and trying to come up with a theme all your own.  I got so many complements and everyone kept saying how fresh and original it was.  Below is my whole outline for the party I came up with.  Copy it and do the party for yourself or go off on your own and create your own Amazing party :)...

Around The World Theme
[4 hr party]


Kangaroo Sack Race
Boomerang Relay Race
Outback Jam Session
Mexican Jump-Like-A-Bean


Bat Spin Dash [Leaning tower of Children]
Finger Paint like the Masters
Pizza [Lunch]


Toss Across the Savannah 
Great Animal Safari
Face Painting


Origami Hat Station
Pet Dragon Coloring
Playdoh Symbol Friend/Friendship


King /Queen Dress Up
Cake [Tea Time]

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